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Later I learned he chose me because of my scream. Anyone who could scream that loud and long must have strong lungs – the lungs of a talented glassblower.

He was right.


A Pause…

So I’ve made a bit of a sad – for me – decision to stop posting on Mirror Sense for a while. I’ve had some thoughts on a slight change in approach to the project, and I need some time to focus on exploring that. I’m also expecting my second child in a few months, so this is a (hot and tired) period of relative calm… after which I’m not anticipating much free time for a stretch.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far of posting my eccentric illustrated historical novel online, and I intend for this to be a “see you later” and not “farewell.”

On the subject of pregnancy, I recently read Active Birth by Janet Balaskas and came across this fascinating tidbit in a historical section on how the idea that women should give birth lying down on their backs, and not in upright positions, began to spread in 17th century Europe:

The obstetric fashion for aristocratic women to give birth in recumbent positions became firmly entrenched, especially after Madame de Montespan, mistress of Louis XIV, lay down to give birth so her lover could watch the event from behind a curtain.

This especially surprised me because Madame de Montespan is often described as the sharpest and cleverest of Louis XIV’s mistresses, yet lying down to give birth in this way seems like a demeaning (not to mention uncomfortable) thing to do. I suppose it’s a reminder that these women, however glittering, were in some sense objects in a man’s world.